The Kata Lounge Chair Is Designed Around Sustainability

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The Kata Lounge Chair Is Designed Around Sustainability
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Designed by Altherr Désile Park for Arper, the Kata lounge chair features a design that has circular sustainability at its core. Beautiful juxtapositions can be observed in its elements between softness and strength, traditional craftsmanship and soft technology. The brand’s first solid wood lounge chair, Kata is made using an oak and black locust FSC certified wooden frame and tailor-made 3D knit textile with sustainability at the core of its entire furniture design.

light colored armchair in living space

Kata’s knit cover is made from recycled polyester that uses post-consumer plastic – about 48 half PET bottles are used to produce 1-kilo of yarn. Less plastic going into landfills, less energy being used. The knit is formed to fit Kata’s frame and avoids leftover material waste. It’s available in a graphic-patterned 3D knit with internal micro-padding in linen, wheat or charcoal. You can also choose a lightweight 3D knit in a parallel striped pattern in water, wheat or charcoal – the bonus here is that it’s also suitable for outdoor use. If none of these strike a chord, additional finishes can be customized in both Arper’s complete fabric catalogue and in graphic-patterned 3D knit.

two armchairs in light-filled living space

Kata’s frame uses hardwood timber from certificated FSC production,  ensuring the longevity of your lounge chair. The varnish used on the wood is water-based, and recyclable plastic and lightweight cardboard – made without glue – are used for shipping. For the final touch: Kata can be entirely disassembled and recycled.

dark armchair in rust colored room

olive green armchair with greenery

olive green armchair with greenery and gravel

close up of light brown textured fabric

two armchairs on white background

two armchairs on white background

two armchairs on white background

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Photos by Silva Lopez.

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