The Latest From Il Giardino di Corten Makes Their Debut at Maison&Objet

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The Latest From Il Giardino di Corten Makes Their Debut at Maison&Objet

Looking to experience the outdoors in an unexpected way? We’re exploring Italian brand Il Giardino di Corten’s new steel solutions that made their debut at Maison&Objet earlier this month. The brand has introduced many of us to the regenerative abilities of Corten steel, a noble, versatile, and sustainable material. Corten steel transforms with weather conditions, location, and usage, while remaining maintenance-free – even after a long outdoor season. The material is also fully recyclable, giving everyone reason to stop and consider how it might be used in your next project.

small outdoor building with two glass sides

La Stanza Che Non C’è

La Stanza Che Non C’è (The Room That Isn’t There) is a versatile garden structure with a myriad of possible uses. Transform it into a study, a relaxation room, a sauna, and more. It’s a great space for people of all ages, with the design allowing for the customization of dimensions, finishes, and accessories. Additionally, La Stanza Che Non C’è can be disassembled, is self-supporting, and not anchored. In some cases, this translates to not requiring special authorization for installation.

small outdoor building acting as a sauna

La Stanza Che Non C’è Sauna

When configured as a sauna, La Stanza Che Non C’è gives you the benefits of a Finnish retreat in your own backyard, in any season or weather conditions. The basic version is fitted with a front glass wall and door, and can accommodate up to six people. A mid-size model can fit up to eight individuals, and is equipped with a larger changing room that’s separated from the space by a tempered glass door. Choose to integrate a Bluetooth audio system, stove protection, a call button, and infrared protection to further personalize your space. The largest version can become a biosauna, providing lower temperatures – around 50°C – for a more moderate steam bath that’s similar to a Turkish steam room.

two credenzas on a patio surrounded by greenery


An outdoor kitchen and bar are a luxury, and with Convivium you’ll have all the equipment and space of a traditional indoor kitchen available to you. The modular setup made of Corten steel works with the design to accommodate cooking, serving cocktails, and easy cleanup in all weather conditions. Equip yours with an electric, gas, or charcoal grill, and with a wooden cutting board. Large storage compartments allow you to store plates, glasses, and more, while the countertop can be accessorized with spices racks, ice buckets, and cocktail trays.

The Convivium cocktail station basic set is equipped to serve as a bar, and includes a stainless steel sink and retractable tap. The connecting pipes can be hidden in the supporting legs and the top can be overlaid with a teak, beech, or Teflon working top.

two side by side credenzas outdoors under a tree


two brown leather slingback armchairs on an outdoor deck


A pair of Corten steel and leather outdoor armchairs – Cuordicuoio – are both comfortable and refined in woven and smooth versions. Large wooden armrests provide space for a book, a glass, or a smartphone. Amazingly, the leather has been treated to withstand the elements, allowing the armchairs to placed anywhere you please outdoors.

brown leather slingback armchair on an outdoor deck with a small side table


brown leather slingback armchair on an outdoor deck with a small side table


four round steel tables of various sizes on an outdoor patio surrounded by greenery

The e Biscotto Set

The e Biscotto Set includes four pieces: a round table and three matching stools. Thin but resistant, the Corten steel tops and legs give added character to the harmonious group. Lightweight in nature, each stool is designed with a cutout that allows for easy repositioning.

three large round outdoor planters of varying heights filled with greenery outside of a modern building

Thebes Archimedes Set

Looking once more to the perfectness of the circle, the Thebes Archimedes Set of cylindrical planters appear all but visually suspended in midair. The set includes planters in three different diameters and heights, each supported by thin legs. Able to be used indoors or outdoors, the trio employs a water collection system that keeps potting soil moist.

tree-lined grass path studded with stepping stones


Finally, Sassopasso uses Corten steel to create a walkable path. Available in four shapes – round, oval, irregular, and heart – as well as custom made, the pieces are easy to transport and don’t require any preparation of the area before installation. The individual plates are so flat that a mower can be driven right over them when doing lawn care, and over time they’ll blend in with nature more and more.

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