The Lobby Is the Star of This Modern Office in Italy

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The Lobby Is the Star of This Modern Office in Italy

While the lobby usually only serves one purpose, that is, to provide an introductory zone into the company’s office, architecture and interior design studio NOA is making a case for turning it into a multifunctional space for both employees and visitors. It recently moved its headquarters to Bolzano, Italy, as more than a decade of growth necessitated more space for its employees, visiting clients, growing material library, and showcase of prototypes and models. Employing a chameleonic strategy in designing the 1000-square-meter floor plan, NOA created a highly adaptable workplace environment that facilitates creativity and community.

A symmetrical view of an artfully designed NOA door with a repetitive geometric pattern, flanked by two wall-mounted lights.

Modern office space featuring a NOA velvet-finish reception desk with adjacent yellow partition, complemented by hanging pendant lights and framed pictures.

Modern meeting area with contemporary furniture, a skylight, and NOA.

The design team took this opportunity to reflect on the evolving role of the office which has changed drastically in the last few years. While hybrid and remote work are now commonplace, NOA cofounder Lukas Rungger still believes in the importance of physical spaces and their vital purpose in employee well-being and success. “The opportunity to exchange ideas quickly, the arising of unexpected synergies, and the building of close working groups all bring inestimable value to our projects that would be impossible without common workspaces,” he affirms.

Modern office lobby with a reception desk, minimalist furniture, and colorful NOA walls.

Modern office break area with skylight, plants, and assorted seating, including NOA seating.

Modern NOA lounge area with contemporary furniture and large windows.

To modernize the Bolzano office to meet the requirements of today, NOA made the lobby the central space of the floor, outfitted with expansive seating for formal meetings, team socialization, private conversations, and solo work. A museum-like atmosphere is actualized with an exhibition-style showcase of spotlighted models (including the Silente collection, NOA’s first product launch), mood boards, and awards. A fully equipped bar encourages a relaxed environment.

Modern exhibition space with display tables, potted plants, and ambient NOA lighting.

Modern home bar corner with NOA elegant furniture and warm lighting.

Modern bar interior with dark tones and contrasting NOA colored chairs.

Three people enjoying a relaxed conversation with drinks in a stylish NOA lounge area.

Products from design brands like Baxter, Billiani, Infiniti Design, Innova Imbottiti, Moroso, Pedrali, P&P Chairs, Sitlosophy, and more, give clients a first person experience.

Modern living room with eclectic furniture, wall art, and NOA.

Modern living room with NOA stylish furniture and indoor plants.

Outside, a view of Castel Firmiano in the foreground and the Renon plateau in the background makes the location feel like a vacation spot. The outdoor terrace also features an extensive green roof and a walkable rooftop lawn. During the warmer months, it acts as an auxiliary space to the lobby, providing an additional outdoor area for relaxation and mental rejuvenation.

Modern conference room with a long table, eclectic chairs, and NOA artistic decor.

Playing with color, of which the team has practiced over years of interior design solutions, six were picked to both allude to NOA’s various sectors of work (urban planning, architecture, interior, furniture, lighting, and product design) and turn the office into an intense sensory experience. “The fascination of experimenting with colors manifested itself early on, when the paintwork was completed. Although there was no furniture yet, the space already told its own unique story,” Rungger shares.

Woman standing in a corridor looking at her phone, with her shadow cast on the NOA.

A modern bathroom with beige tiles, featuring a wall-mounted sink, a round mirror, and a NOA glass shower enclosure.

A view into a modern office space through a glass doorway, with a person working at a desk surrounded by green plants and NOA.

The lobby is flanked with an open layout for workstations on one side and meeting rooms on the other. Office amenities include a kitchen, the comprehensive material library, stationery storage, two extra offices, four additional meeting rooms, three restrooms, a room for press archive, and another for IT.

The value of these spaces lie in their ability to transform into other functions when needed. An interior designer with NOA, Caterina Betti, explains that “the studio is conceived as a constantly changing ensemble of spaces. Interior spaces should be able to adapt to different situations and change according to needs.” Rungger reiterates the sentiment, stating that “spaces here unfold in constant transformation. The furniture is constantly reconfigured.”

Three NOA professionals engaged in a discussion in a modern office space.

With the completion of its new HQ, NOA has shown that the modern office  of today and its future is an ever-changing environment that can adapt to meet the needs of its employees so that ideas can flourish and collaborations thrive.

Modern dining room with a minimalist design, featuring a wooden table set for NOA, gray flooring, a large blue artwork on the wall, and overhead lighting.

Person reaching for a book on a high shelf in a NOA library or bookcase.

A person is blurred in motion in a busy architectural NOA office filled with bookshelves, desk clutter, and design materials.

Woman browsing through NOA clothing on racks in a store.

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Photography by Alex Filz.

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