The Making of the Fizi Lighting Collection by Articolo

For this month’s Deconstruction, we head to Melbourne, Australia to Articolo, an artisanal lighting studio lead by Founder and Creative Director, Nicci Green. With mouth-blown glass being their passion, we were intrigued to find out more as to how their Fizi lighting collection is made. The series has a number of fixtures, including table lamps, sconces and pendants, featuring either glass balls or slabs, all with an “effervescent” look to the glass. The glass is paired with components in a range of materials including linished brass, natural stone and polished nickel, resulting in an ethereal collection of fixtures highlighting the unpredictability of mouth-blown glass. Read on to see how Articolo creates these intriguing pieces.

1. Creative sketches by Nicci Green
Hand-drawn sketches are one of the first steps in Nicci Green’s creative process. These are a series of sketches of what would become the various fixtures in the Fizi lighting collection.

Table Lamp sketches

Single Ball Wall Sconce sketches

Double Ball Wall Sconce sketches

Single Ball Pendant sketch

Slab Pendant + Slab Wall Sconce glass sketches

2. Film of the glass blowing and construction process
“When something is made by hand, it becomes an expression of undeniable soul. Articolo simply would not exist without the exceptional skill of their artisan makers,” says Founder and Creative Director Nicci Green.


3. Stills of the glass blowing process

Blowing into the pipe to expand the glass

Glass ball entering the glory hole of the furnace

Glass slab about to enter the glory hole of the furnace

The final stages of torching the Fizi slab form

Metalsmith is finishing a brass component

4. Nicci Green in the studio assembling the fixtures in the Fizi collection (Photography by Sharyn Cairns)

Founder + Creative Director Nicci Green assembling the Fizi Ball Light in their Melbourne showroom.

Fizi fittings and components ready for assembly

Fizi fittings and components ready for assembly

5. The finished Fizi Collection in situ at Articolo’s Melbourne showroom (Photography by Sharyn Cairns)

Fizi Tall + Fizi Short Table Lamps

Fizi Tall + Fizi Short Table Lamps

Fizi Single Ball Wall Sconce

Fizi Single Ball Wall Sconce

Glass ball detail

Fizi Slab Pendant + Wall Sconce

Fizi Slab Pendant

Glass slab detail

6. These illustrations are the result of an artist collaboration with Alex Watson, who reimagined the Fizi collection.

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