The Monastery by Eriksen Skajaa Architects

The Monastery is the name of this project by Arild Eriksen, Joakim Skajaa of Eriksen Skajaa Architects for Netlife Research. Netlife wanted their new spaces to feel creative, yet offer spaces for privacy, reflection and silence. Inspired by a monastery garden, the architects designed a brick and wood building partition in the center of a wide open office space that features niches for plants and privacy, and windows for air circulation. One of the niches outside contains a bench to sit and read or relax.

The rest of the office is simple black and white with a green-themed lounge area, a hallway filled with private niches for phone conversations, and offices with uplighting. The entire project at first seems bizarrely disconnected, but there’s something very appealing about each space.

Project Team: Arild Eriksen, Joakim Skajaa
CNC: Partikkel
Client: Netlife Research / Thon Eiendom
Location: Oslo, Norway
Photos: Ivan Brodey

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