The NaughtOne Percy Lounge Chair Is Totally Tubular

With its colorful flowing tubular steel frame design, the NaughtOne Percy Lounge Chair looks like a chair that would be right at home situated within the Centre Pompidou. Like Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers’ example of ‘inside-out’ architecture, the chair, designed by independent furniture designer and founder Nicole Marion, of Studio Marion, exhibits an inviting honesty that tames the industrial into something almost curvaceous.

Percy lounge chair in orange upholstery and cream tube frame with small side table and houseplants nearby.

“When designing Percy, I was drawn to the combination of hard metal and soft upholstery,” explains Marion. “I wanted to play with visually softening the metal to create a cohesive, curvaceous look. I love working with metal and steel as it’s an incredibly durable, industrial material, but it can also bend and flow.”

Young woman with blue cover book in hand walking past a man seated in one of three Percy lounge chairs with cream tubular frame and light blue upholstery, with circular table in the center.

Percy lounge chair in off-white upholstery and bright yellow tube frame.

Percy’s powder-coated frame is available in 16 RAL colors and over 100 upholstery options.

Trio of Percy lounge chair in blue, orange-red, and dark green in the center of a library set across a dark blue rug with bookcases behind it. A row of desks and tables next to floor to ceiling panels of windows are to the left.

The chair’s chunky tube frame appears as one continuous support system for the Percy’s plush upholstered cushion, giving the chair an inviting degree of support across the seat and back. Partnered with an extensive palette of colorful finishes, upholstery options, and a low profile, the design strikes a totally tubular balance between durability and comfort.

Two Percy lounge chairs side by side in off-white upholstery and bright orange tube frame, alongside one in pink frame and upholstery.

“The design we landed on has a timeless look, almost as if it’s always existed. But it’s also unique – and can be dressed up or down, easily adapting to many environments and personal styles,” says Marion.

Young woman in cable knit sweater, pink trousers, with pink socks and violet sneakers lounging sideways across all-pink Percy lounge chair.

Communal office lounge filled with nine dark blue Percy lounge chair situated by large floor to ceiling windows looking out into courtyard.

Communal office lounge with dark blue Percy lounge chair and small side tables with mushroom style lamp, houseplant, and books set on top of the tables.

Information about pricing and how to purchase the Percy Lounge Chair from British furniture company NaughtOne is available here.

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