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artist inspecting abstract drawing through trace paper
  • Person sitting on wood cube with sketches on wall behind them
  • Three rolls of neutral abstract wallpaper
  • artist's hands sketching on paper
  • black and white figure sketches askew on table
  • artist practicing drawing and painting techniques
  • artist squatting down and sketching abstract pattern on wall
  • artist sketching on paper taped to a wall
  • artist preparing layout of drawing over tracing paper
  • artist inspecting abstract drawing through trace paper
  • artist on floor scanning large drawing onto computer in studio
  • digitized scan of abstract drawing on computer screen
  • artist's hands holding paint chips over abstract drawings
  • artist reviewing first sample of abstract wallpaper
  • artist reviewing wallpaper colorways on the wall
  • wallpaper samples being designed on the computer
  • artist viewing wallpaper samples from a drawer
  • three finished samples of wallpaper rolls
  • wallpaper sample of pink abstract wallpaper hanging on wall
  • room with pale gray abstract wallpaper with dog sitting on chair
  • pale nude abstract wallpaper
  • strip of wallpaper hanging on wall loosely