The Phénix House Blends European and Asian Aesthetics

03.18.21 | By
The Phénix House Blends European and Asian Aesthetics

Phénix House is a minimal home located in Montreal, Canada, designed by Appareil Architecture. The renovation of the duplex sought to balance a mélange between European and Asian aesthetics, blending materials, styles and influences.

At the center of the kitchen is a large island made of stainless steel, a purposeful material to fulfill the request of the client’s desire for a professional kitchen. The industrial aesthetic is contrasted with white tones surrounded by wood.

Much of the project was bespoke, including the chairs to the integrated furniture throughout the kitchen and staircase. As described by the studio, “The central staircase plays an important role: it is the link between the spaces. While segmenting the kitchen and the living room without completely sealing them off, it creates a connection between the levels and adds movement.”

Photography by Félix Michaud.

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