The Rounds: Round Two on Kaaskoekjes Dutch Treats

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The Rounds: Round Two on Kaaskoekjes Dutch Treats

Even though it may seem like life is somewhat back to normal, it’s not for small businesses. It’s going to take a lot to recover from this devastating blow. The big guys will weather this storm, it’s the small ones we need to give some extra love to. So in an effort to encourage our readers to shop small, shop independent, and keep the economy going… we wanted to highlight a Brooklyn business: The Rounds. Not only do they make delicious and beautiful treats, but they implement mindful environmental practices in all parts of their business like actively trying to eliminate plastic from their production, to composting food waste, and paying for UPS carbon offset.

sweet sugar cookies stacked with colorful icing


Inspired by founder Anna Harrington’s upbringing in Holland, Rounds are her unique take on Kaaskoekjes, a traditional buttery cheese cookie she enjoyed often with her mother in the Netherlands as they hosted and entertained throughout her childhood. And her Sweet Rounds tell color stories. Anna’s background in fashion and food styling inform her aesthetic, and many top names in fashion have taken notice. Loeffler Randall, Aerin Lauder, Rachel Comey, Tory Burch and Miu Miu are fans of The Rounds.

stacked cookies with colorful icing


Now that celebrations are returning, they are the perfect sophisticated, design-forward and delicious food gift to send to clients, friends, family, or to bring your gracious holiday host… made to order in Brooklyn, New York. They make the most simple gathering feel a bit elevated and they slip with ease into your more formal events, bringing people together, in creating times to be remembered – during gatherings that embrace cultures and ideas and the joy that can be found in eating something yummy.

plate of cookies with swirled colorful icing


And you are not only giving to your host, you are giving back, too. Anna has partnered with multiple charitable organizations focused on food insecurity, anti-hate and social justice, including West Brooklyn Waterfront Mutual Aid, Heart of Dinner, and Kidizenship. Most recently, she participated in a raffle which raised $28,500 benefiting Women for Afghan Women.

cookies with swirled red and white icing


Rounds are bite-sized, flavor-packed decadent treats that are simple to serve – place a few at a time or the contents of a whole box on a favorite plate or in a small bowl. The current offering is: Curry Cashew, Parmesan Olive, Gruyére Date, Salami Idiazabal Rosemary, Apricot Pistachio Fennel, Anchovy Scallion, Sweet, Vegan Sweet, Cocoa Sweet, and Toasted Sweet.

cookies with swirls of yellow, white and aqua icing


Pricing ranges from $3.50 each for individually-wrapped party favors of 4 sweet/5 savory Rounds, to $45 for custom color field and tie dye sweet boxes of 49 Rounds.

cookies arranged in brown icing from dark to light


traditional plate with three rows of cookies


traditional plate with three rows of cookies


traditional plate with three rows of cookies


traditional plate with three rows of cookies


traditional plate with cookies


For more information on The Rounds, visit!

TJ Girard is a sought-after food designer and creative consultant, celebrated for staging theatrical, interactive food + beverage experiences. She now resides in California where her creativity is solar powered! TJ writes the Design Milk column called Taste.