The Sarpanch House Stands out From Its Rural Surroundings

03.30.20 | By
The Sarpanch House Stands out From Its Rural Surroundings

Architecture studio Neogenesis+Studi0261 completed a home located in a small Indian village called Talangpore for clients seeking an introverted space that still stands out from its traditional neighborhood. The result is Sarpanch House, a residential space characterized by the multiple squares and rectangles that assemble to create its full facade.

Sarpanch House’s modern design is juxtaposed with its rural surroundings. The home unexpectedly shares a wall with a cow shed and has ample open ground on the premises for pasture.

A spiral staircase acts as the homes’s center of attention both inside and outside. It greets guests who enter through the main gate, and it can still be seen through floor-to-ceiling windows from the living room.

Large screens made from aluminum pipes divide the space and make it feel larger without compromising the open floor plan.

The ground floor is organized around a central courtyard that leads to a second staircase with floating stairs on one side. An office space is concealed above the living room.

Natural light shines through key points in the home, majestically creating lines on the walls from the pipe screens. Three spacious bedrooms all feature modern furniture in rustic colors. One bedroom even leads to a private patio.

Photos by The Fishy Project- Ar. Ishita Sitwala.

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