The Floyd Table Is Durable and Easy to Put Together

01.04.18 | By
The Floyd Table Is Durable and Easy to Put Together

The Table is a minimal dining table created by Detroit-based furniture brand Floyd. Renowned for their commitment in creating perfect essentials for the home, Floyd’s newest piece retains their mantra on making the best version of a single product.

Floyd, known for their minimal and easy-to-assemble bed frame, expands into the rest of the home with a multipurpose table. The table can be assembled in less than five minutes, without any tools, and ships flat-packed. The table is manufactured in the United States, and is constructed of birch and all-natural linoleum.

As described by Kyle Hoff, “No matter the purpose, everyone needs a table in their home. As we developed the design for the Floyd table, we looked to first create a product that our customers would really want to spend time with because so much of our life happens around tables.”

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