The Wallery: Artwork That Doesn’t Require a Frame

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The Wallery: Artwork That Doesn’t Require a Frame

Barcelona-based company The Wallery partners with international and up-and-coming artists to create artwork for the walls, in the form of wallpaper murals and vinyls. Their goal is to have you think outside the frame when it comes to decorating your walls and they have a bunch of colorful, and sometimes cheeky, options for you to choose from.

Les Fleurs du Mal wallpaper mural designed by Amaia Arrazola (above)

Les Fleurs du Mal wallpaper mural – close-up

The wallpaper murals are PVC-free and are easy to install and remove.

Brosmind Crime wallpaper mural designed by Brosmind

Brosmind Crime wallpaper mural – close-up

Noir wallpaper mural (in blue) designed by Iván Bravo

Noir wallpaper mural in various colors – close-up

Faces wallpaper mural designed by Guim Tió

Faces wallpaper mural – close-up

Bear Scout World wallpaper mural designed by BANDID8

Four Tigers wallpaper mural designed by Chamo San

Four Tigers wallpaper mural – close-up

Muses wallpaper mural designed by Conrad Roset

Jungla wallpaper mural designed by Caroline Selmes

Otoño wallpaper mural designed by María Diamantes


Otoño #2 vinyl designed by María Diamantes

Crime Cars vinyl designed by Brosmind

Next Door vinyl designed by Home de Caramel

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