Theia + Studiopepe Team Up to Design Mar Di Tiles

We have a fresh tile collection to share with you today: Mar Di. Portuguese brand Theia created the four tile designs in collaboration with Studiopepe, inspired by the motion of the sea and its waves. It’s a theme of travel and exploration, and the surface of each design responds differently when light hits them. The colors and shapes chosen for the Mar Di Flores, Mar Di Banda, Mar Di Giava, and Mar Di Kara tiles are punchy and lively, adding to the collection’s personality.

Theia has a continuously growing collection of handmade tiles that work really well for contemporary surfaces. Their tiles are designed by the studio and sometimes in collaboration with other designers, such as Studiopepe. Each tile is crafted out of earthenware, a simple eco-friendly material. The earthenware is pressed, fired, and painted, using ancient techniques that result in a truly unique product.

tower of stacked tiles

tower of stacked tiles with tennis ball on top

white and dark green tiled walls

dark blue grey tiled wall

cream colored tiled wall

green tiled wall and deck with armchair

pink and white tiled outdoor walls and stairs

white tiled outdoor wall with striped awning

curvy white tiled building next to white and grey tiled building and bench in courtyard

dark striped tile outdoor wall behind pool

light pink outdoor wall next to sand, chair, and birds

To learn more about the Mar Di tile collection, visit

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