This Modern Meditation Studio Makes Us Want to Flex Our Inner Yogi

06.19.20 | By
This Modern Meditation Studio Makes Us Want to Flex Our Inner Yogi

International Day of Yoga is this Sunday, June 21st so we thought we’d share this modern meditation studio that makes us want to flex our inner yogi. Designed by Verdego Design Group, the Still Life / Still Works Flagship Meditation Studio was transformed from an abandoned Baptist church into a relaxing sanctuary for guided meditation, counseling, and yoga practice. The space is equipped with spaces for one-on-one sessions, private meetings, and 50-person workshops. The reclaimed knotty Larch wood found all over the studio creates a natural, relaxing environment reminiscent of Scandinavian saunas, while the modern fixtures and custom furniture give the space an elevated, contemporary feel.

While we won’t be traveling to our local yoga studio anytime soon, we’re all for creating mini sanctuaries in our own home where we can practice restorative meditation and yoga. Our Design Milk Shop now carries Yoga Zeal which makes design-forward yoga mats made from a natural, biodegradable rubber. Paired with some of our other favorite products, you can create a space that you look forward to entering for a mindful break for deep breaths and stretches.

Black Marble Yoga Mat

Black Yoga Mat

Blue Opal Travel Size Yoga Mat

Calacatta Marble Mat

Carrara Marble Mat

Chevron Mat

Concrete Sphere + Wood Incense Burner

Marble-Finish Incense Holder

Condessa Stripe Lumbar Pillow

Comfort Zone Coffee + Cedarwood Candle

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