This Side Table Hangs Flat to Double as Wall Art

We love when a design is multifunctional, whether it’s a bed that turns into a seat or a vase that doubles as a light, or even a coffee table that works as a plant pot. Florian, designed by Vico Magistretti for Acerbis, might be the most surprising design of them all, as it goes from being a side table to a modern piece of wall art. The design is part of the Remasters collection through the creative vision of Francesco Meda and David Lopez Quincoces, who turned Magistretti’s original design into an updated version with a new size and ash wood frame. Florian is available in a dark green, mustard yellow, brick red, and ash black, with contrasting natural brushed brass hinges and pins to subtly highlight the details.

side table in green, yellow, black and red color ways

three angles of multi level side table

black two layer table

yellow side table

yellow wall art

mustard two layer table by tub

wall of multiple two layer tables flattened

red and black packaging with two tables

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