F5: Tiffany Howell Talks Female Nudes, Good Records + More

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F5: Tiffany Howell Talks Female Nudes, Good Records + More

Tiffany Howell creates spaces that might otherwise only exist in your dreams – a wild juxtaposition of lush textures, playful touches, and a hint of edge. At Night Palm, she aims to create a sanctuary for her clients by creating harmony through an abundance of artistic components. But however that develops, Tiffany’s projects result in an unexpected, unforgettable, spatial experience. With a love for design, architecture, and the greats that came before, her and her team’s portfolio at Night Palm leaves a lasting impression from the moody, romantic textures to the inspired soundtrack of our lives. Whether it be an office space, a beach house getaway, a luxury retail store or a starter home, Night Palm always leaves its mark.

A full-service, Los Angeles-based, interior design agency, Night Palm was founded in 2016 by Tiffany Howell and her partner, William Melton. Their portfolio covers the spectrum of residential and commercial spaces – from boutique hotels to high-end retail and office spaces to residential homes. These space are generally from the agency’s artist and celebrity clientele, and is routinely published in high-end design publications including Architectural Digest, Domino, and California Home + Design.

Today, Tiffany Howell is joining us for Friday Five!

light-skinned woman with long dark hair wearing grey pants and a trench coat while leaning against a banister

Tiffany Howell \\\ Photo: Heather Gildroy

album cover with brown-skinned female in blue shirt with working Sade Promise

1. Records

I’m an avid record collector. There’s romance to the ritual of putting a record on and listening to the tone, and the specialness of old record covers. It helps to inspire my creative visions.

modern chair and hexagonal coffee table

Pierre Paulin \\\ Photo: Tiffany Howell

2. 1960s and 70s Italian + French Furniture Design

1960s and 70s Italian and French furniture designs absolutely captivate me. I’m a long time fan of Gabriella Crespi’s rattan and brass work. I love the sculptural furniture of Pierre Paulin. The craftsmanship of the 1960s and 70s European furniture feels very artistic to me.

Yves Saint Laurent shopping bags sitting on a table

Photo: Clare Stonich

3. YSL

YSL has the perfect juxtaposition of masculine and feminine energy. Their designs beautifully encapsulate the romantic rock and roll aesthetic that I hold dear to me.

two black and wicker loveseats in front of a white stucco building with black paned window

Chateau Marmont \\\ Photo: Tiffany Howell

4. Old Hollywood Architecture

I have a deep nostalgia for Old Hollywood glamor. My favorite places are the Chateau Marmont and the pink 1920s homes of old starlets. Before we had our studio, we’d rent a suite at the Chateau Marmont and hold our meetings there.

abstract painting of nude women

Painting by Jessalyn Brooks, part of Tiffany Howell’s collection

5. Female Nude Paintings

I’ve always used art as an expression of who I want to be. I started collecting female nude paintings because I felt they expressed femininity and freedom and the beauty of form.


Work by Tiffany Howell + Night Palm:

modern living space with two armchairs and side table

Jena Covello’s Miami Condo \\\ A design that evokes the feeling of living within a seashell mixed with a 1980’s Miami party pad for Jena Covello of Agent Nateur. A calming, lush color palate of sandy creams, bright whites, and pops of dusty pink. Reimagined European 70’s and 80’s vintage pieces with modern colorways and unexpected fabrics – all promoting an indoor-outdoor continuity. \\\ Photo: Pablo Enriquez

moody kitchen space with marble and wood tones

Klay Thompson’s San Francisco Retreat \\\ A Northern California seaside retreat for NBA star, Klay Thompson, featuring a curated collection of vintage, artistic details that reflect his pursuits outside of basketball. Bright rooms with creamy walls and a warm color palette and vintage coastal items decorated within a bookshelf including woods, ceramics, and brass objects.\\\ Photo: Pablo Enriquez

styled interior space with sofa and chairs

Mara Akil’s Writer’s Colony \\\ A playful yet elegant 70’s-inspired office oasis that serves up sanctuary like calm in the name of creativity, for Mara Brock Akil. Filled with vintage and contemporary pieces that create an inviting and sexy atmosphere through a mix of textures in velvet, boucle, and worn leather. The industrial interiors are softened with ivory, camel, rose, and cognac hues punctuated with unexpected pops of burnt orange and chocolate brown. \\\ Photo: Pablo Enriquez

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