Tile Collection by Barber & Osgerby For Mutina Shows Beauty In Time

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Tile Collection by Barber & Osgerby For Mutina Shows Beauty In Time

Celebrating a decade of collaboration, renowned studio Barber & Osgerby created a new tile collection for Italian ceramics brand Mutina, one that reflects the beauty of something created over time – fittingly, much like their partnership.

bowl and plate on green tiles

The collection, aptly named Time, consists of porcelain stoneware tiles in three sizes (1.5×1.5”, 1.5×8”, and 8×8”). The eight colors – Etna Black, Dakota Grey, Dover White, Salta Red, Highland Green, Virginia Blue, Sahara Sand, and Atlas Brown – are rich and grounding, fitting as they are inspired by geology, geography, landscape, and specific locales. The range of colors, which are also available in Smooth and Rough finishes (the latter made distinct with its flecks of material), combined with the refined curation of sizes allows for infinite configurations that mix hue, scale, or both.

board game on green tiles

tile samples

green tiles

The stoneware material itself happens to have a tangible explanation behind Barber & Osgerby’s idea of the collection. It delves into the intricate processes of natural weathering as time passes, showcasing how the consistent influences of water and wind progressively wear down and polish surfaces, molding landscapes and transforming rough features into more elegant shapes. “The concept of time has actually been a reoccurring theme in several of our collections,” the studio shares. “Time delves into the manner in which objects, over time, either weather or acquire a rough texture due to exposure to the elements or interact with humans, becoming smoother through the years.”

side table next to green and white tiles

chair on tiled floor and walls

tray on brown tiles

chair on yellow tiles

table on red tiles

tray on white tiles

ping pong ball on blue tiles

ping pong balls and coffee table on blue tiles

black tile samples

white tile samples

grey tile samples

blue tile samples

green tile samples

yellow tile samples

grey tile samples

red tile samples

red tile samples

blue tile samples

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Photos by Claudia Zalla.

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