It’s Time for an Upgrade: Squarespace 7 Takes Your Portfolio To A New Level

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It’s Time for an Upgrade: Squarespace 7 Takes Your Portfolio To A New Level

I’m starting to see more and more artist and designers who submit their work to Design Milk using Squarespace for their portfolios. If you’re not already familiar with Squarespace, I would suggest checking them out—there’s no risk with their free trial. Whether you’re looking for a dynamic slideshow or a full-screen experience, create a beautiful portfolio website in minutes just dragging and dropping images from your desktop. Plus, connect with your audience with their seamless social integrations. You can even add Squarespace Commerce to your plan so you can sell prints, products or digital files.


You might remember that I moved my personal site to Squarespace about two years ago and it’s still going strong. I recently upgraded to Squarespace 7. Besides all the great benefits of Squarespace like 24/7 support, responsive design and easy drag-and-drop interface, the new features have really upped the ease of use, specifically the new admin interface.

It’s been increasingly important to me to have a portfolio that is easy to use because with every month that passes, I have less and less time to mess around with web design because I’m spending more time making art. The new admin interface makes it even easier for me to make quick edits to my site, from adding new work to quickly updating fonts or colors. It shows you a live preview of your site, which you can instantly edit without having to open up a new window to preview changes.


You can also resize your window to see how it looks in various devices. I’m done in a flash so I can hop offline and get back to work. Plus, I can be in my studio and still access my portfolio via the free Squarespace Portfolio iPad/iPhone app.



Another awesome feature of the new Squarespace 7 is Cover Pages, which I was really excited to try out myself. Whether you need a single-page website or a place where you can simply share your contact information, a Cover Page is a beautiful one-pager that tells people who you are and how they can get in touch with you. It’s makes for a great holding page, too, if your site is currently still under construction. With 12 different cover page layouts to choose from, I found it hard to pick one, so I made a few just for fun:




And, to top it all off, they’ve partnered with Getty Images to offer a special $10 rate to Squarespace members on millions of images so you can take your Cover Pages background image to the next level.

Create your own online portfolio and play around with Cover Pages with a free trial and get 10% off your first purchase using offer code DESIGNMILK.

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