The Tomorrow Collective: Sustainable Products Inspired by the Past

“Inspired by the past to enable living in the future,” is the mantra of The Tomorrow Collective. Masters students from Lund University’s School of Industrial Design have each created an object that is sustainable and also benefits your everyday life.

While people have become even more attached to certain objects in their life, they’ve also become extremely distanced from where + how most objects are made and what happens to them when they’re discarded. Being so distant from the lifecycle of an object blinds the user from seeing the impact of all the excess on our economy. The Tomorrow Collective aims to change that by creating objects that help address the needs we have in life, while also leaving less of an impact on the environment.

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The Tomorrow Collective: Sustainable Products Inspired by the Past

The Toothpaster eradicates marketing material from toothpaste and gives the user all the ingredients to mix together an efficient toothpaste.


Meant to simplify your life and reduce electronic use, The Wooden Iron smooths garments quickly and efficiently with your hand and a few tools.

›M‹ For Milk - Judith Glaser-5

›M‹ for Milk aims to reduce dairy production waste by condensing milk transportation products into only what is needed.

Greenhouse Window - Mihkel-Emil Mikk-3

Greenhouse window is a window that also acts as a greenhouse, making it easy for city dwellers to grow their own herbs.

Cleaning Kit - Rebecca Wennberg-5

Cleaning Kit removes harsh chemicals from modern day cleaning and allows you to clean with basic kitchen ingredients, including bicarbonate, vinegar, lemon, and water.


Eco-Carrying eliminates the need for plastic bags and instead, uses sustainable wooden furniture for transporting groceries.


Green Royal Express is a wood express box that can be used multiple times in many different ways.

Herbarium - Emilia Borgvall-5

Herbarium is a modern day basket – a gardening tool that makes it easy to pick, separate, and transport wild herbs home.


Terra is an alternate to a electricity consuming fridge, and keeps food fresh by evaporation. With a water-filled layer between two clay pots, the inner pot stays cool and can store certain vegetables and dairy products.

Juliana Update-1

Nest is a clay container for storing bread that keeps in moist and fresh.

Kreis-Lauf - Stephan Thiemt-2

KREIS – LAUF are stylish sneakers that are long lasting and well-priced, and are made from organic materials (leather, textiles, and cork) and are material-efficient and easy to fix.


FLAVOR OF TIME makes it easy and efficient to dry food, helping it stay fresh longer.

Little Thumb - Elena Biondi 2

Little Thumb helps you use every little bit of the bread, by storing any crumbs discarded in a jar to use for later.

Lunch Box System - Jacob Strand-5

Lunch Box System is a durable way to carry delicate food, without using any plastic.

Make Make - Anna Gudmundsdottir-2

Make Make puts makeup into your own hands, and is a set of tools that allows the user to creative and make their own cosmetics.

Nära - Britt Jönsson-4

Create your own, natural cologne with Nära, a micro-laboratory that makes user-crafted perfume oil with natural ingredients.

Natural Paint Kit - Patrik Bruzelius-2

For adults and young ones alike, Natural Paint Kit helps users create paint out of soil, clay, or even softer stones.

Oil Production - Sofia Olsson-4

Use any plants to create natural oils with Oil Production, bringing the process closer to the plants the oils come from.


Precious Grounds, i.e. coffee grounds, are seen as not waste, but material that can also be used for cleaning, soil, and even beauty products.

The Burks - Oskar Olsson-4

The Burks replaces wasteful food storage containers with eye-pleasing and sustainable wood.

Vinegar Making Kit - Martin Mårtensson-1

Make your own vinegar with the Vinegar Making Kit, which encourages the user to explore the technique of creating vinegar.

Wash Press - Julia Söderberg3

Wash Press allows one to hand wash and dry delicate clothing without the back breaking part.

Yoyo Basket - Nan Jiang-4

Made by hand of natural ingredients, The YOYO basket provides a comfortable home for a child that will last generations.


Lastly, the Pine Cone Humidifier increases moisture in a room without using electricity, and when essential oils are added, it gently perfumes the room.

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