TRNTBL Puts a Colorful New Spin on Their Turntable Design

12.05.19 | By
TRNTBL Puts a Colorful New Spin on Their Turntable Design

Most audio components can be safely (and often preferably) stored away from view behind a ventilated cabinet. But turntables are generally afforded a visible and prominent spot in the home for convenient access, which makes it a secondary imperative to choose a deck that looks as good as it sounds. Petal, Sunshine, Pine, and Stone – a colorful new quartet of options evoking pleasant hues derived from nature announced by vinyl enthusiasts, TRNTBL –  represent an effort to please these sensory demands of sight and sound.

Petal (Pink), Sunshine (Yellow), Pine (Hunter Green) and Stone (Gray) will be available for $499 USD. Classic Black + Gold and Creme + Gold will be discounted to $449 USD.

While the new colors are the big news, TRNTBL has also updated the deck firmware under the hood, allowing the new addition of a Google Chrome extension to ease getting their deck up and running. The previous method, the TRNTBL app, still works, but for most people the browser extension should simplify pairing between the turntable and wireless speakers (TRTNBL is Sonos-ready, but also connects to compatible wireless speakers with AirPlay and via Bluetooth out of the box). The 2-step process prompts users to connect the turntable via the browser extension, then choose an output source; Sonos users also have the option to view the TRNTBL from the native Sonos application.

All TRTNBL color options are available bundled with one ($649) or two ($899) matching Sonos One speakers, with the new four color turntables available for $499 USD, while the original Black + Gold and Creme + Gold are now discounted to $449.

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