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The following post is brought to you by UncommonGoods. Our partners are hand-picked by the Design Milk team because they represent the best in design.

I’ve always trusted UncommonGoods to be a great destination to find quirky gifts, eco-friendly alternatives and unique items, but I didn’t think about them as a place for art. However, I just recently discovered their art prints here and Uncommon artist gallery selection here.

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Uncommon Art

I love this Bowl Stack print by husband and wife design team Allison Glancey and Craig Seder (pictured above). Its vintage vibe and subject matter are brought into the present time with a modern graphic depiction. I especially love the carefully chosen colors that create a fun layering effect, a graphic representation of nested bowls made of colored glass.


I am a sucker for map prints of any kind and these modern, transit-inspired prints by graphic designer and engineer team Cayla Ferari and John Breznick are no exception. Choose from a multitude of cities including New York, Boston, Amsterdam and Madrid.


Dog Milk readers may recognize these dog breed blueprints designed by architect “I. M. Paws”. Made in Portland, Oregon, you can choose from over 500 different dog breeds! Say what!? I didn’t even know there were so many dog breed in existence!


An UncommonGoods exclusive, this print called Woven Seascape by artist Elise Wehle is a gorgeous mix of collage that creates a tactile landscape. The calming seascape is the perfect modern alternative to traditional beach art.


If exclusive art wasn’t enough, how about customizable art? This cool 1920s style poster was designed by Chicago artist Alexander Doll and can be customized with your likeness and names, or those of the happy couple you wish to gift it to.


Another custom piece of art at UncommonGoods that I am totally digging is this genealogy chart. A while back, we started looking into our past and discovered some fun facts about our ancestors. This art chart lets you document your family in a more modern, graphic way. Call it a Modern Family.


Another UncommonGoods exclusive is this print of an original painting by artist Renée Leone, who created it after visiting a friend’s family vineyard in California’s Napa wine region. Her watercolor works remind me of stained glass.


I love this quirky print of a drawing called On A Journey by Brooklyn artist Jacqueline Schmidt. She brings together wildlife and urban living in curious and cute scenarios, like this one where birds are prepping a vintage station wagon for a country road trip. Maybe they’ll take me with them… For some reason, this print reminds me of that movie The Daytrippers… it has just the same level of indie quirk as the movie.


UncommonGoods doesn’t just have prints, either — I discovered this original sculpture series by Chicago-based artist Dolan Geiman who cuts reclaimed wood and uses vintage, found objects—ranging from rulers, to wall paper, to book covers, to bannister spindles—to fill the shape with color and texture. I love that he did one of these sculptures in the shape of the United States because it truly captures the US as a melting pot—where people of all kinds come together to form our country.


Australian-born, Brooklyn-based artist James Gulliver Hancock captures a unique perspective on the US, draws some of the favorite parts of various cities and states. From taxis in NYC to mountains in Colorado, his collection of prints is like going on an illustrative tour of the US.

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