UP Minimalist Kitchen by Lendager Group

UP is a new minimalist Reform kitchen designed by Lendager Group using wood sourced from world-renowned flooring manufacturer Dinesen. Ever since its conception, the founders of Reform have wanted to offer a sustainable kitchen design.

As a result, Reform has partnered with one of the top architecture companies when it comes to circular economics in sustainable buildings around the world, Lendager Group, about this design. Lendager Group has exclusive rights to use the surplus wood from Dinesen, and offer an innovative approach to sustainable architecture.

Dinesen typically works on customer-specific solutions, which generates a significant amount of surplus residual wood. The kitchen consists of cuts that are left over from what was supplied for other establishments, giving those pieces a new life.

Leo Lei translates his passion for minimalism into his daily-updated blog Leibal. In addition, you can find uniquely designed minimalist objects and furniture at the Leibal Store.