Vertical Emptiness by Onishi Yasuaki

Japanese artist Yasuaki Onishi uses wire, glue, and crystallized urea (a commonly used material in the chemical industry) to create a stark, dripping installation appropriately named Vertical Emptiness.

Onishi Yasuaki Vertical Emptiness-2

He begins by creating a mesh structure that hangs from the ceiling, and then pours glue through it. The glue hangs, drips, and becomes a vertical connecter between the ground and the ceiling. The crystallized urea is applied to the glue line and wire, which transmit the feelings of a landscape. Empty space is then filled by combining the work of gravity, action, heat, and crystallization.

Onishi Yasuaki Vertical Emptiness-1

Onishi Yasuaki Vertical Emptiness-5



Onishi Yasuaki Vertical Emptiness-4

Glass windows covered in crystallization and paintings covered with black glue and polished by graphite add to the feeling of isolation of the main piece.

Onishi Yasuaki Vertical Emptiness-7

Vertical Emptiness was exhibited at Gallery Out of Place TOKIO in Tokyo, Japan.

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