Villa Rypen: A Modern House on the Edge of a Forest in Aarhus, Denmark

09.26.17 | By
Villa Rypen: A Modern House on the Edge of a Forest in Aarhus, Denmark

C.F. Møller Architects designed the single-story Villa Rypen in Aarhus, Denmark, situated next to a forest. Its wooded locale inspired the design by extending the terraces out towards the trees and garden. The large windows frame the lush surroundings throughout the year as the season’s change, offering up an ever-evolving views.

The staggered perimeter of the house allows additional light from varying directions to enter through the floor-to-ceiling windows. The exterior may look like it’s clad in brick, but it’s actually terracotta tiles, as well as thin wooden strips placed vertically between the windows.

The central part of the design houses the open living space overlooking the garden. They designed it with a flexible layout so that certain rooms towards the forest side could be closed off with sliding doors.

On the forest side, the connected terrace visually expands the living area to the outdoors giving the illusion of more space.

Photos by Julian Weyer.

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