We All Should Be Practicing Play!
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Dear Human, the collaborative efforts of Jasna Sokolovic and Noel O’Connell, have been creating work that welcomes play since 2010, and they continue to do so with the Practicing Play collection. This three-part collaboration with Papertile rethinks various ways that their recycled paper forms can be enjoyed through Practicing Play, TOTem, and Seats For One.

Practicing Play, the series that shares its name with the collection, offers a fresh way to create on walls without causing any damage. They suggest that you can even magnetize the pieces for additional play on any magnetized surface, such as your refrigerator. Children and adults alike can design their own artistic compositions and stop animations, and perfect them over and over again.

Dutch Stool

Seats For One are individually unique pieces that use Papertile’s recycled paper panels for their eye-catching construction. The top surfaces use solid post-consumer paper, while the oak elements are made from locally sourced trees. This series is the start of a growing family of stools currently available in Dear Human’s shop.

Ziggurat Stool

Quiet Stool

TOTems were inspired by Dear Human’s Module Lamps, which were clearly inspired by the kind of stacking toys children love and gravitate towards. These larger scale pieces, made of 100% post consumer paper waste, can stay static or become interactive parts that can be rearranged as often as the user would like. Jasna and Noel also mentioned that the series is a nod to Ettore Sottssas and his talents in both art and industrial design. Each module is one-of-a-kind and can also be ordered as floor or tabletop lamps.

The Seat For One series is currently available for purchase in Dear Human’s shop. Please contact Dear Human for details on the rest of the Practicing Play series at

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