Wearable, Edible Design

Finding the perfect plump piece of fruit, or the most uniformed colored banana… most of us eat with our eyes first. Surely the other senses take a part in our overall experience… but as hunters and gatherers we can’t help but spot what LOOKS the tastiest. Here are a couple of fun ways to highlight the natural beauty of seasonal produce with wearable design.


Using 3d printing, laser cutting, and CNC technologies, TourDeFork designs easy and accessible DIY projects which can be downloaded for free from the monthly Italian magazine CASAfacile’s website and taken to the nearest FABlab to be transformed into real objects.

Our favorite from the collection are these laser cut acrylic rings which you can decorate with fruit, sweets, or any other delicious treats of your fancy. Desserts and fruits become precious jewels to be put on proud display. And when you’re done playing dress up, don’t fret… your midnight snack is ready to be eaten and enjoyed, without waste.




FIFT, a Japanese design studio from Okayama, captures the idea of wearing what you love and makes you happy in each moment with the “pick a jewel” collection. Hidden in your daily life, are jewels to add to your lifestyle.

Katsunari Igarashi and Asami Igarashi, who launched in 2008, have found the perfect way for one to constantly customize their own jewelry. By designing theses effortlessly chic clips, you can find anything from freshly cut herbs, cherries, or citrus rinds to dangle from your ears. Not only can you add a splash of color to your outfit… but a natural fragrance as well.





TJ Girard is a sought-after food designer and creative consultant, celebrated for staging theatrical, interactive food + beverage experiences. She now resides in California where her creativity is solar powered! TJ writes the Design Milk column called Taste.