Why Sustainability Will Be the Single Topic at Design China Beijing 2022

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Why Sustainability Will Be the Single Topic at Design China Beijing 2022

Presented by Design Shanghai, this year’s Design China Beijing will take place September 26-28, 2022 at the China World Summit Wing with a theme of sustainability in mind. The event, also known as the Sustainable Design China Summit, will bring together over 70 leading designers, urban planners, researchers, policy makers, and sustainability innovators to share insights and explore solutions for creating a more sustainable future. At a time of climate crises happening all over the world, we all need to pay attention to the lessons and key-learnings that will come out of this important event. Tickets are available here.

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There will be six core themes at the Summit, including Designing A Sustainable World, Circular Design Thinking, Climate Changes Everything, On the Path to Net Zero, Nature by Design, and Building Sustainability & Green Design. Orianna Field, sustainability advisor for the Summit, shares:

“The Sustainable Design China Summit focuses on the environmental challenges we face by showcasing a range of cutting-edge innovative solutions to address the negative impacts of climate change and prevent ecosystem collapse. Creating new urban landscapes requires a comprehensive integration of architecture, natural landscape, urban planning, policy and culture; by integrating these elements, the cities and communities of the future can become spaces that meet all the needs of current and future generations, while protecting the earth’s environment and promoting regenerative cycles – this is what we hope to achieve from the Sustainable Design China Summit.”

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One of the highlights of this year’s event is the Special Features Panel. Focusing on sustainable materials, the presentation will feature Chris Lefteri, a world-renowned material design expert and author of Materials for Design. Lefteri will provide his in-depth understanding of design materials, which he believes is “at the heart of design.” By thoroughly understanding environmentally-friendly materials, we can reinforce the importance of materials in sustainable design, making a positive impact on the industry and planet.

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In addition to these six core themes, a program of special features, workshops, and booths will be set up around the venue and will be free for the public to explore. Tickets to the Sustainable Design China Summit can be purchased here.

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