Winter Landscape-Inspired Office Pavilions and Dividers by Johan Kauppi for Glimakra

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Winter Landscape-Inspired Office Pavilions and Dividers by Johan Kauppi for Glimakra

With open workspaces becoming more popular, designers are developing more solutions to help combat noise, while still offering design-driven offices. Working in collaboration with Glimakra of Sweden, designer Johan Kauppi designed a collection of furniture for open offices to help with acoustics, as well as separation of spaces. Limbus Barn & Fences are a series of pavilions and partitions that aim to define and divide larger areas in offices and public spaces.

The designs still allow for an open space feel but they can create flexible rooms within a room for when more private sessions are necessary. The slatted structures are upholstered in acoustic fabric to reduce noisy distractions while still allowing you to see-through the panels.

The Limbus Barns can be placed at different angles if more privacy is needed and they can be moved around for various setups as needs evolve over time.

The Limbus Fences, resembling actual fences spotted in the wild, provide great flexibility and can be reconfigured to create rooms, walkways, temporary areas, or just as space dividers.

The Limbus series is based on Kauppi’s desire to recreate that pleasant silence that comes from wintry landscapes. Looking at traditional structures found in Swedish Lapland, he reimagined the traditional barn and fence and brought it into the office with the hope of muting excess noise. The softness that snow provides once it’s fallen onto barns and fences shows up on the Limbus pieces through the rounded upholstery on each slat.



Initial sketch

Photos copyright Kauppi & Kauppi.

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