Woodlabo Recreates the Lunar Landing in LED
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The Woodlabo Eagle Collection of LED lighting takes inspiration from our species’ technological past, the 1969 lunar mission that took humans to the moon and back, reimagining the spacecraft’s fuselage into something entirely new for today.


Each of the Finnish+French studio’s collection of birch plywood lights represent abstractions of the space mission’s four stages – Orbit, Landing, Moon and Lift Off – with two additional lights representing the Eagle lunar module and Apollo 8’s command module.







Designer Gaël Wuithier envisioned the collection of birch plywood and aluminum forms as an homage to the technological designs that permitted astronauts to travel across space and set foot upon the moon. Individually, the lights are beautiful illuminated sculptures; arranged in groups, the collection takes on the semblance of a constellation, celestial objects that once tempted humans to reach for the moon and stars.


Each of the Woodlabo hanging lamps are constructed using joined panels held a few millimeters apart to permit a warm 3000K temperature light to emit through, accentuating the abstracted forms while hanging from galvanized cable.


Photos by Alfred Cromback.

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