I checked out the 1dEGOFF Light Play booth at ICFF, and they had some very cute, trendy lighting. 1degOFF is a brand and design initiative that showcases and retails limited edition furniture and art objects that are created and made in Singapore. The design/art group was created by Bacus Boo, who wanted to create a platform for emerging local talent to showcase their work and help them in their quest to gain international recognition and exposure.

Light Play, 1dEGOFF’s exhibition at ICFF is a “lively, playful, inventive tour de force and masterful exploration of the celestial Light and the lightness of Matter. This collection of objects begin with a discourse expression of Light and its lightness away from the conventional association with a lamp. During from purist yet un-pragmatic approach, we hope to explore new methodology and typology of interpreting the poetics of light ranging from the rhetoric and semiotics to phenomenology and even archetypal.”

The Camo Deer mirror wall lamp and wall coat hanger by Bacus Boo & Sharinces is made of acrylic and is a fun mixture of symbolism and reality.

The Lamp is not a Light standing floor lamps by Andre Tan are made from electro-galvanized sheet metal/powder-coated matte black.

Whirl is a series of acrylic pendant and table lamps by David Boo inspired by a whirlpool. They “symbolize a gentle formation of the problems (darkness) of the world where peace and serenity (light) is still present in a hectic and self-destructing world.”

Ora is a table lamp by Iskandarrudy Mohd is a series of six vessels in its primitive form containing the body of light itself. To where there a possibility it may leak; there a chance it will illuminate out from the flaws of its containment. “Ora is an experimentation/observation of light play. The idea of capturing the essence of light spurs the suggestion that it can escape on a given opportunity. With that hint the playfulness characteristic of the elemental called ‘light’.”