A.R.T. has launched the first fully-customizable and co-creative modular art collection called ModulA.R.T, with scalable contemporary geometric art modules that can be pieced together in an infinite number of ways. It is designed by artist and architect Donald Rattner and includes 3 lines: Wall A.R.T., Mural A.R.T., and Shelf A.R.T. They just launched their website and you can check out their pop-up shop if you’re in the DUMBO NYC area over the next month.

Wall A.R.T. consist of a series of atomic modular sculptures that can be assembled in many different configurations to create a beautiful wall design.

Mural A.R.T is artist-designed wallpapers featuring various shapes that add a new dimension to the wall when placed behind Wall A.R.T.

Shelf A.R.T is a series of modular artist-designed books to fit in-between your precious leather-bound volumes, or you can put Shelf A.R.T alone in a bookshelf, turning it into a modern piece of art. Choose from colorful designs or order serif and sans-serif letter books to spell out whatever you wish!