I don’t know about you but I travel a lot – but even when I didn’t, I took my luggage very seriously. Think about it: it’s by your side for entire trips, racking up just as many miles as you are and it’s supposed to protect all of your valuables. Imagine my delight when my eyes feasted on the AirBag. Designed by Michael Young for Hong Kong brand Zixag, this super lightweight carry-on looks to be the answer to all my luggage must haves – well designed, durable, and just plain smart.

With so many choices out there, it’s hard to decide whether to get a soft-sided suitcase or a hard-sided one. The AirBag gives you the best of both worlds – the rear shell is made of a hard material for more protection and the front part is a durable fabric.

The single-stalk handle means more compartment space inside, meaning only one bump down the center instead of two.

The main compartment is larger and perfect for clothing and other travel essentials, while the front zippered area is made for your technology gear and anything you might need while in flight or in a meeting.

The AirBag will be available any day now and it can be yours in either beige or charcoal.