Willbedesign group, a young Hungarian design team, was recently asked to design the spaces of  the Albemarle Global Centre of Excellence in Budapest.This is Willbedesign’s first major project, and they passed with flying “colors” — don’t you think? The space is hip, young and modern and used by over 130 employees on a daily basis. The sharp and effective functional arrangement has been enriched with certain elements, accessories and colors that build up to a cozy, practical and ergonomic environment.

From the designers:

The relaxing balance of this dualism has been reached by the help of some classical American design pieces, such as the 40’s furniture of Ray & Charles Eames, the wall clocks of George Nelson, matched with some of the design innovations of recent times. Next to the Moooi desks and Bocci lamps, the community spaces are also creating a dynamic visual intersection, divided by the colorful “alga” walls of the Bouroullec brothers. The artwork of young contemporary Hungarian artists Dániel Horváth and András Rigler, are also adding up to the fresh and dynamic creative potential of the environment. The sculptural wall decoration on the reception wall builds up from symbolic leaf motifs. The wooden wall decoration that has its pair in the lounge area represents the apse of the office in both of its conceptual and architectural sense.

The classical, functional and contemporary elements are being strengthened by a kind of a “green” attitude. That is not primarily referring to the real, living natural environment, but to a “Scandinavian” sort of a green attitude. Brown carpets in the color of the dry fallen leaves and parched grass of autumn, real wooden materials, environmentally friendly tapestry, ceramics all over the place, the effects of which are further strengthened by the blooming green carpets, or the greens of the couches and the office chairs. The groups of white office desks are optically widening the office spaces and pure harmony between natural light and artificial enlightening strengthen the soft and trendy office look of one the most innovative and cool workspaces in the Hungarian capital.

I love rugs that resemble grass. I’m not kidding I’m dying for this rug, and if you’re interested, it’s by Tisca.

Photos by Tamas Bujnovszky.