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This may not be the most ultra-modern looking house on the outside, but it’s futuristic on the inside, from an energy perspective, that is. Our last house, having been built in the 1950s, wasn’t so energy efficient despite our efforts to insulate and update windows and doors. However, we knew there were other ways to save energy, specifically in terms of natural gas. Old stoves, outdated HVAC and other appliances in your house aren’t just dirty and bothersome, they tend to work less efficiently, therefore increasing energy consumption and costs. Although it’s hard to make an investment up front to replace an old piece of equipment, we all know it’s best in terms of quality and affordability in the long run.

That’s why Alinta Energy created an interactive energy house, which promotes the use of natural gas and shows you different ways you can save energy (and money) throughout the entire house. It’s such a fun website to explore: travel through each room of the home (and even outdoors) to discover the possible ways to save on energy costs and consumption. Let’s take a peek:


Enter the kitchen and hover over the little orange circles to find out more about energy savings. In the kitchen, see how changing out some of your appliances or systems like continuous hot water or gas oven can make a difference.


Navigate through the entire house to see more rooms and possibilities:



Click on the floorplan in the bottom left corner to launch the entire house plan and easily navigate from room to room.

There are even ways to save outdoors:


Wait long enough in each room to sneak a peek at an easter egg! In this case it’s an alien cow abduction: