Cuatro Cuatros, a design studio based in Valencia, Spain, recently released its new Angles collection of two shelves (30º and 180º) , a carpet  (0°), and a vase. It’s based on the study of optical illusions, and what the pieces look like depends on the point of view from which one’s observing them.

0º (above)  is a carpet that has lines composed of alternating black and white geometric shapes that  cause the lines to look crooked, even though they are parallel.

30º  is a modular shelf with identical, interchangeable trays. There are two types of trays for different functions, one of them holds books and the other divides the space of the shelf. Its shape helps to create several compositions.

90º  is a vase that has been converted to a geometrical shape with volume. Depending on the point of view, both ends coincide, making it appear as though its a closed figure.

180º  is a modular shelving unit that consists of shelves with grooves where the metallic structures are fitted, so it can be easily assembled, no tools required. The different position of the clefts in each shelf allows the displacement of the squares to create the effect. The plate has four possible positions, so it can be accessible from both sides of the shelf. The shelving can be also used as a room divider, its height depending on how many rows you stack.