Hong Kong-based watchmaker and design brand Anicorn just launched their latest series of watches – the K452. They looked to space to honor Kepler-452b, the newfound exoplanet that was discovered last year under NASA’s Kepler and K2 project. The watch utilizes a system of concentric discs that mirror planets orbiting the sun and drops watch hands that are normally used. Instead, the discs rotate to tell time, paying homage to “Kepler’s discovery of the mechanics of orbital movements in space,” while illustrating the relationship between time and space.


There will be four watch styles, all in metallics that resemble space suits: Solar, Luna, Dawn, and a Kickstarter exclusive, Interstellar. The K452 uses no battery, and instead, winds itself with the wearer moves thanks to a small winding motor.


Anicorn was founded by graphic designer Joe Kwan and entrepreneur Chris Chan in 2013 as a way to blend design, typefaces, and mechanisms with simple, modern style. They successfully launched their first watch, Series 000, via Kickstarter and had the project fully funded within five days. They’re doing the same thing with their second design. Jump on Kickstarter if you’re interested in backing the project.