The Panamby Apartment by Diego Revollo is a light and airy home that reflects the personality of its owners.


With a size of 170 square meters (~1830 square feet) and located in Panamby, a premium neighborhood in São Paulo, Brazil, the apartment houses a young modern family and two kids. Originally, there was a balcony off the living room but because of the lovely São Paulo weather, Revollo suggested that it become additional living space. Enclosing the balcony with glass and creating a giant window allowed the home owners to take better advantage of their outdoor space and maximizing the view, all while keeping the kids safe. Plus, talk about natural light!



Choosing a neutral travertine floor and wall color adds to the lightness as well, but this place is far from boring beige. The impactful elements are in the furnishings, the details and the artwork. Additionally, built-in areas with warm oak and gold accents bring in more lightness and warmth, plus add a rich element to the neutrality of the walls, floor, and ceiling.