Every once in a while an idea stops me in my tracks because I can’t believe how good it is – and this is one of them. We’ve all lived in tiny spaces at some point in our adult lives (and maybe you still do!) and Orla Reynolds’ design As if from nowhere… would have solved oh so many problems. A fully functioning bookcase that surprisingly houses two tables and four dining chairs is a pretty smart idea, yes?

Multifunctional furniture has become more and more of a necessity over the years, whether it’s to save space or money (and both). The brightly colored tables and chairs are hidden within the white bookshelf right before your eyes – ready and available whenever needed.

Reynolds is a former ballerina and says this:

The movement from bookcase to dining is like a scene change. It transforms the space like props on a stage. The dancers can be seen in the chairs and tables. These are made of such strong material that there is an expectation that they are heavy. But they are lightweight. They are streamlined creating an elegant silhouette.

Photos by Mark Duggan.