Cross Currents Screen, crosscut bamboo, canvas screen, acrylic, 2012

Anne Crumpacker is a Portland, Oregon artist who works with bamboo and has found a unique way to use it in her work. She works with crosscut, or sliced, sections of bamboo and develops three-dimensional pieces that are full of depth and texture. The patterns maded create the most interesting geometric wall and floor pieces. I love the way she uses the material in these large-scale works and I can just image the time it took to cut each piece.

Cross Currents Screen detail

Cross Currents, crosscut bamboo, square bamboo, wood, acrylic, 2011

Cross Currents

Cross Currents detail

Cross Currents detail

Abu Dhabi Writings, crosscut bamboo and Irish waxed linen thread, 2012

Some of the pieces have the bamboo laid out flat and either stitched or banded together showing the inner structure of the bamboo itself. How beautiful would one of these be as a room divider?

Abu Dhabi Writings, detail

Enso, crosscut bamboo and Irish waxed linen thread, 2012

Enso detail

Enso detail

Cross Currents Luminary, crosscut bamboo, lucite, wood, LED bulbs, 2012

Cross Currents Luminary detail