Beam is a small table lamp that is focused on the materials and feeling at the interaction moment with the user.

Created by Christian Vivanco, Beam is made of a solid block of pine and a thermoformed mma sheet. Christian explains that the project came about accidentally after talking with various local lumberyards, “There I got the chance to realize how beautiful wood can be against an urban background, planks and beams stacked one above the other, some of them rough and other refined. Then it struck me, how interesting it could be to give proper respect to the material and its basic physical qualities; weight, texture, appearance, etc.”

Intrigued by the possible relationship between a visibly heavy object and something ephemeral and inert as light, Christian selected materials that seemed to fit together perfectly into a pre-defined grid. To enhance the lamp’s relationship with the user, he rounded the edges, creating a hugging effect of the hand when holding the lamp.