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Do you guys remember when we had to build websites from scratch? Ugh. I remember coding and saving every individual page after slaving over the basic structure of the site… Oh how far we’ve come. Now, it is so easy to create a beautiful website with a few clicks, and even if you want to completely customize every little detail, it’s still way easier than the “olden days.”

I’m constantly looking at other websites (even non-blog sites) to get inspiration for the next iteration of Design Milk and to spot new trends in site design. What I didn’t know was that most of the sites that I really love are, in fact, not designed from scratch, but use web-based software like Squarespace. If you’re in the process of building a new website or re-designing your current site, here’s some serious website eyecandy that might inspire you to make the move to Squarespace:

Big Human – really like the way you sneak a peek at each project. Big Human is using the Squarespace Developer Platform.

Darren Booth – perfect visual display of his type talents


Bonjour Berry – a company that focuses on design should have a well-designed website

Van Brunt Stillhouse – an artisanal distillery with an artisanal website

The Dieline – Serious packaging porn

Mario Hugo – you have to scroll down the page to appreciate this website and it’s artful simplicity. This site uses the Squarespace Developer Platform.

JM Creative – love this “in your face” approach

Brit Hanson – Brit’s site asks you want you want to do, and in such a clever way

Destination Kors – All Michael Kors, all the time. This site uses the Squarespace Developer Platform.

Now that you’re fully inspired, create your own beautiful website by visiting for a free trial.