Designed by L.E.FT, a New York based design collective, Bird House is a limited edition piece that was created from 2500 empty stray brass bullets that were collected from areas in Lebanon where hunting occurs. The object is meant to reflect the uncertainty of life during the tough times that war brings. The piece is visually stunning with the texture that the bullets create.

More from the designers:

“A cage went in search of a bird,” Kafka

Working retroactively from a bird, the birdhouse is a reflection on contextual design. The Eames House Bird, a staple of Eames’ furniture photographs in the 1950s that became synonymous with their household domesticity, is given here a Bird House, an ovoid hybrid between a cage and a house.

The piece is a part of the House of Today exhibition in Beirut, Lebanon.

Photos by Joe Kesrouani.