Beautiful design mixed with a good cause gets mad love in my book and that’s just what New Orleans-based do-good designer Tippy Tippens brings with MATTER INC, an industrial design and consulting studio that is all about “Design for Social Change.” One of their designs, called BirdProject, is a minimal, bird-shaped soap that benefits the cleanup efforts related to BP’s oil spill disaster.

The black birdie is made of glycerin soap that’s meant to be cradled in your hand, representing the mass amount of creatures affected by the spill. As you use the soap and it disappears, a white ceramic bird reveals itself as a keepsake and memory of the project.


The best part of the project is that 50% of the profits go to Gulf Restoration Network and International Bird Rescue to help with BP’s Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster. So far they’ve been able to donate $18,000 to the cause!


The soaps are made by Sweet Olive Soap Works using locally sourced ingredients and the handmade ceramic bird is made from Louisiana clay.


They’ve just released a Lovebirds Edition of the soap in which the ceramic birdie sports a red heart on its tail that was created by two fingerprints.