Jean-Pierre (J.P.) Canlis, known for his serene interpretations of nature in glass, has just crossed a new boundary. His Wheat Installation translates the mundane into elegance through a unique display of glass. Each stalk of wheat is hand made by the glass artist who resides in Seattle, Washington and runs his studio and gallery space in downtown Seattle. The Wheat can be scaled down to run down the center of a dining room table or fill a niche as tall as seven feet in height!

The Raindrop Chandelier is a modern, fresh feel to the traditional “chandelier.” Inspired by the endless winters of the Pacific Northwest, the Raindrop Chandelier has the possibilities for large-scale installations in public spaces to private home centerpieces. Wheat and Raindrop photos by Aaron Leitz, copyright Canlis Glass.

Photo: Brian Canlis

Photo: Brian Canlis

Photo: REVE Photography

The Bamboo Installations are also handmade and a beautiful alternative to wall art or room dividers. Their soft glow and organic feel are peaceful and calming.

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