A2+ Arquitectos, a Portuguese firm, recently completely this contemporary house in Leiria, Portugal. The facade is wrapped in a curved concrete wall, which gives the overall rectilinear design more character. A large cutout in the concrete reveals the white walled exterior behind it.

The courtyard is mostly gray with the concrete wall and paver stones on the ground, with the exception of the white wall behind the cutout.

In the back, it’s much more open and inviting with the green lawn and white exterior. Plus you get a picturesque view of the yard, as well as a nice view to the inside when out back. The house was oriented this way with its large windows to make the most of the sunlight.

I love the feel the curved window wall gives the entrance to the home.

The overall look on the interior is minimalistic with white walls and furnishings, all of which are balanced with various wood finishes throughout.

p.s., that is one photogenic dog!

Photos by FG + SG.