Bangkok-born designer Saran Yen Panya’s latest series is a sarcastic look at combining your everyday mass-produced, and often plastic, objects with high-end elements in a project called Cheap Ass Elites.

Chairs happen to be a lot of designer’s favorite products to design and by choosing certain materials it can set that particular chair into a more elite group. The collection features limited-edition chairs and stools with a mix of classic furniture parts and cheap plastic objects like laundry baskets and storage pieces, showing, “where the rich and poor merge.”

More from the designer:

Combining mass-produced household objects and plastic items with rich elements, the installation sarcastically illustrates and questions what society’s indoctrination is really built on. For this project, the chair is a perfect object in aspects of both function and communication. The object itself represents different hierarchies and tastes clearly in its usage and esthetic.

The series is currently on display at Swing Gallery in Benevento, Italy until February 15, 2013.

Photos by Pasquale Palmieri.