Don’t be embarrassed by ugly fitness equipment in your room anymore!

Ciclotte might just be the first designy exercise bike. Designed by one of Milan’s leading designers, Luca Schieppati and made by the Italian Lamiflex Group, Ciclotte is like another piece of contemporary furniture in your home. Complementing your existing modern space, the gym-standard training machine is only 121 lbs, so it is easily movable from room to room.

The large wheel is the main focus of Ciclotte. Reminiscent of a 19th century monocycle wheel, the bike features sleek design elements such as the carbon handlebar, a touch screen display, and stylish supporting fins for stability.

Just because it’s pretty doesn’t meant it won’t perform. It is designed to reproduce the dynamics and performance of road cycling and is ideal for high intensity spinning workouts. Ciclotte uses an epicycloid system, which works by generating a concentrated magnetic field using a copper ring that is rotated at a high speed in front of five magnets. The resistance is controlled via the touch screen.

Ciclotte is the evolution of the product Ciclò, an innovative prototype of a city bike-wheel, which after having participated in several international exhibitions is now part of the permanent collection on display at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan.

Ciclotte will likely retail for £6,800 (read: not cheap) and is available in Carbon, Silver, and Purple. The bike will be launched in the UK at 100% Design from September 23-26, 2010 at Earls Court, London.