CLIQUE is a new brand set to make its debut during this year’s Milan Design Week. The company brings together three designers, Claudio Larcher, Filippo Protasoni, and Simone Simonelli, with a goal to merge two different ideas: furniture design and electronic/electric devices. The inaugural collection features six furniture and accessory designs that are made of marble, valchromat, and solid wood, each with their own “electric heart”.

Echo, designed by Claudio Larcher, is a table/bookcase that integrates a marble bluetooth speaker.


Also designed by Claudio Larcher, Heatty is a marble fan heater.


Filippo Protasoni designed Rocchetto, a side table with power underneath.


Filippo Protasoni’s Refill is a seating system for waiting that features storage trays and wireless chargers.


Simone Simonelli created this small kitchen, named K, that has induction plates and a dock for your tablet.


Cimmy, also by Simone Simonelli, is an ultrasonic humidifier made out of marble.