At the Designers Fair 2012 in Cologne, product designers Leoni Werle, Christian Kim, Sebastian Hecht and Susanne Salmen — who studied together in Aachen, Germany — showed their work for the first time together as a group called Co-Laborat. The theme was the color yellow.

Heimlicht workstation by Leoni Werle

Pilu lamp by Leoni Werle

Knoopjes by Leoni Werle and Femke Roefs – 3D-printed button using FDM technology

Zwilling clock by Christian Kim

Drilling stool by Christian Kim

Aufsteiger hal furniture by Christian Kim

Reinterpretation of the vintage davenport by Sebastian Hecht

Fidgeting Monkey nursery wall decor by Susanne Salmen

ABC poster by Susanne Salmen

Photos by Annika Feuss.