BCXSY, a cooperative between designers Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Yamamoto, was invited to take part in a special project for Editions in Craft (EiC), established by Stockholm based curators Reneé Padt and Ikko Yokoyama. EiC is a production platform that invites artists, designers and traditional craftspeople to collaborate on projects seeking to explore new, more equitable strategies for the production, marketing and distribution of design and crafts products.

BCXSY worked in collaboration with the Siyazama Project a bead craft collective of women from KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, initiated by professor Kate Wells. BCXSY and the Siyazama Project only used locally found materials in order to keep the process possible and accessible. The result is Coiled, is a series of accessories including vases and lights that are made out of hand coils of clay. Inspired by traditional ceramic vessels, each piece is made of colorful beaded coils in a pattern chosen by the Siyazama craftswoman.

Large vase by Lobolile Ximba, Medium vase by Princess Ngonephi Ngcobo, Small vase by Thokozani Sibisi, Lamp by Beauty Ndlovu.